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Going the Distance

It’s been a long three months. A long four months, really. I’d like to say it was all wonderful, but let’s be honest… pregnancy isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, especially towards the end. I think I slowly morphed into a beached whale.

I know it’s been a little quiet on here and on my social media which I apologize for, but it’s all for good reason. Who knew having a newborn, a long distance marriage, a puppy…

Kludt Wedding

This last summer I was able to tag along with another photographer and help with some summer weddings. This day was windy but beautiful none-the-less. They had some wonderful surprises throughout the day and personally, I LOVED the decor they did! Here are some of my favorites from Megan and Tyler’s big day.

Christina and Jade

Remember when we had colors filling and falling off the trees? Weather was warm enough for a nice light sweater and you just needed a cute scarf to keep you warm? Doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago. To reminisce, I take you back to this last fall where I had a fun little engagement session with Christina and Jade. The colors were vibrant and the weather was absolutely perfect for a nice engagement photoshoot.  Congratulations, you…

Carmen & Tyler

These two have been together for what seems like forever. Carmen is one of the most kind, selfless people I know. Their wedding was perfect: great weather, intimate surroundings, beautiful colors as well as some colorful personalities. It’s always a pleasure to witness two people share their vows to one another and to see their close ones help them celebrate.

Laura & Sam Engagement

Sam and Laura got engaged and I couldn’t be more excited. I knew Sam through college and got to know him more through my husband as I learned they were in the same circle of friends. Oddly enough, they kind of grew up together and I never met Tom (my husband) until after college. Funny how people intertwine in your life. Anyway, we were all pretty excited when we learned that Sam had ‘met somebody’. The famous quote most…

Nathan & Diandra

Love summer, love weddings, love being a part of a day to help capture memories that people can cherish forever. South Dakota weddings are some of my favorite, too. Nathan and Diandra are both strong in their faith and strong in their relationship, love and respect toward one another. It was a long day filled with dancing, tears, laughter, starbucks (um, yes please), warm weather and a beautiful sunset. Here are some of my favorites from their big day.